Organic Cream Top Jersey Milk:

Fresh, pasteurized cream-top milk from our small herd of grass fed cows. Available in pints and half gallons.

Organic Chocolate Milk:
Creamy milk, rich cocoa, and just the right touch of organic sugar make for a decadent treat. Some have called it liquid ice cream because it is so good. Available in pints and half gallons.

Organic Yogurt:
Available in Plain, Maple, and Vanilla.
Mild cultures, smooth, and creamy. The base ingredients are simple: Pastuerized milk, cultures. No additives, no preservatives.

Organic Mozzarella
Cultured fresh mozzarella from grass fed cows. Cultures add a balanced tang to this hand stretched freshly made cheese.

Organic Cheese Curds
Squeaky, salty goodness. Visit us on Cheese Curd Fridays for the squeakiest curds around.