Organic Milk


Fresh, pasteurized cream-top milk from happy cows.  Our delicious and creamy organic milk comes from our small herd of Jersey cows.  Our girls get most of the diet from fresh green grass or hay and are supplemented with organic grains to give these moms the energy boost they need.  Meet the family of cows!

Milk is available at the farm every day and is sold by the half gallon for $5 each.  The milk house is open every day from 7AM to 7 PM and is self serve.  


Organic Chocolate and Strawberry Milk

Bold flavor, creamy milk make for a decandant treat.  Some have called it liquid ice cream because it is so good.  Available in pints at the farm, farmer's markets, and stores nearby.


Organic Yogurt 

Creamy, whole milk organic yogurt is now available!  Our jersey cows are fed a grass based diet and are never fed any GMOs.  The girls graze in our pastures all summer long and get to stretch their legs and cow around outside in the winter too.  Our beautiful cows are captured in cartoon on the labels by local artist Karen Henderson.

Organic Plain - mild, smooth, and downright creamy.  Perfect as is or to sweeten up how you like it.  The ingredients are simple: Pastuerized milk, cultures.  No additives, no preservatives.  Miss Norma is our lovely model, a black Jersey cow, the silliest one we have.  Available in 32 oz.

Organic Maple - We use just a touch of organic Vermont maple syrup to sweeten up our plain yogurt base.  A nice balance of maple and milk, but not too intense.  Miss Dinah is our first heifer born on the farm and is sweet as the sap she loves.  Available in 32 oz.

Organic Vanilla - Smooth, creamy, and already sweetened.  Our favorite yogurt for morning smoothies.  Miss Maggie is our lovely lady sitting with the vanilla flowers.  Available in 32 oz.