All grains are grown organically and milled on our farm in Berlin.  Grains are milled in small batches to maximize the freshness of our products.

Grain products can be shipped upon request.  Please contact us at or call 802-371-5098 to order.  

Organic Stoneground Whole Winter Wheat Flour

Our wheat is milled on the farm weekly for the freshest flour.  The variety we grow is of exceptional baking quality and can easily substitute in your favorite recipes.  Check out the recipes we've tried with Rogers Farmstead whole wheat flour.  

Organic Bolted Stoneground Wheat Flour

By bolting our flour, we sift out the bran and produce a bread flour which still has much of the wonderful flavor of our whole wheat. 

Organic Stoneground Pastry Flour

A soft winter wheat, ideal for biscuits, pastries, and pies.

Organic Stoneground Pancake Mix

Our pancake mix uses only our own whole wheat flour.  It is a simple mix with no sugar and no preservatives that result in light fluffy pancakes with a delicious flavor.  The mix can also be used for waffles!

Organic Rolled Oats - OUT OF STOCK

Fresh, raw, rolled oats from Vermont.  We simply roll the oats and they are ready to eat – we do not steam or dry the oats as those processes remove their natural oils which provide excellent flavor.  Tasty enough on their own, we also find they make an amazing oatmeal for breakfast or enjoy them often as oat risotto with dinner.  Our oats are certified organic.  All oats are naturally gluten-free, however, a small amount of contact with wheat may occur in our harvesting equipment.